Safeguarding is our highest priority.

We recognise our responsibility to ensure the safety and welfare of students at The Dukeries Academy. We want all students to feel safe at TDA, so a culture of vigilance and questioning is really important to us.

We will:

  • Train all our staff on an annual basis
  • Regularly review practices and the availability of appropriate further training for specific staff
  • Build relationships with key agencies, particularly in keeping pupils safe from radicalisation and extremism
  • Promote the teaching of British values
  • Through our curriculum develop resilient students who question, challenge and debate issues.

Safeguarding extends to many aspects of our work from recording students’ attendance via the safeguarding register to challenging unkind behaviour, hate speech, discrimination or bullying. Staff knowledge on a range of Safeguarding topics is continually refreshed and updated through regular training opportunities including our weekly Safeguarding Briefings and our weekly Staff Bulletin which both cover topics like Mental Health , Radicalisation, Criminal Exploitation, FGM and a wide range of other forms of potential abuse.

Safer Schools App

A key part of our safeguarding strategy is our Safer Schools App which gives all staff, students and parents/carers direct access to a wide range of safeguarding information including regular notifications of current online safety threats which could present risks to children.

To download the app search for ‘Safer Schools’ on the App Store or Google Play and use the following codes to access the appropriate version.

Staff: 6676      Parent/Carer: 7675      KS3 Student: 3447        KS4 Student:  4898         KS5 Student: 1544