At The Dukeries Academy we are committed to nurturing the talent of your child to become a productive and committed member of society; someone who can work within the community to achieve goals which can be appreciated by all.

PSHE is delivered in tutor time twice a week, with additional drop down days throughout the year. Through PSHE provision we aim to ensure your child has the necessary skills to become a well-rounded individual who can work well within their community to achieve change beneficial to all. In these sessions we also look at the development of the person, careers and how they can nature their individual talents, life in modern British Society and how to avoid risks throughout life.

As part of preparation into society students will learn about the risks of inappropriate sexual behaviour on themselves and other around them. Below are letters which are sent to parents at the beginning of each academic year outlining the course and the Academy’s current SRE policy. If you would like your child to be withdrawn from SRE lessons you must write to the Principal.