Here at The Dukeries Academy, we have a consistent run of high-achieving Sixth formers that pride themselves in their work. They are hard-working and committed to their studies, and it is these in-depth qualifications that enable them to continue on to further education, apprenticeships and jobs after leaving the Sixth Form. It is for these diligent students that the sixth form Student Union is in aid of. Chosen by the Sixth Form students to represent their own views and opinions, we regularly host events and fund-raisers to help improve the overall quality of the experience for every student in the Sixth Form.

We work both in conjunction with people such as The Principal and Head of Sixth Form in order to maintain a professional status, and also as an individual organisation so as to achieve what we know is possible for the benefit of our peers. The Student Union strives to accomplish as much as possible to make the sixth form an enjoyable and fulfilling venture for both the current students and hopefully will leave a lasting legacy for the students in the future who choose to continue to study here after their GCSEs.