The SSFs main aim is to keep our students in school. We recognise that some of our students may experience a spectrum of difficulties which make it hard for them to make the necessary progress and access the normal timetabled curriculum at certain times in their time at the Academy. The SSF will respond to need and provide opportunity and support for the students to enable them to make progress & achieve.

Who is the SSF for?

  • Students that are having difficulties that are stopping them accessing the curriculum;
  • Students that are on the pathway of exclusions;
  • Students who are disengaged.

What the SSF will do

  • The SSF will offer full or partial Alternate Curriculum packages that are more relevant to the student’s needs at that time.
  • They will focus on a holistic approach using creative approaches as well as maintaining progress in the core subjects.
  • The SSF work with subject staff and maintain the mainstream links with the curriculum.
  • The SSF will monitor the progress of each student in their care and implement relevant intervention strategies.
  • They will continue to develop the structured conversations with parents/carers.


  • For further information please contact the academy reception on 01623 860545 and ask for the KS3 SSF Manager, Mr O’Malley/KS4 SSF Manager, Mrs Bowskill