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We would like to welcome potential 6th formers and their parents to the Stella Smedley Post16 Centre


15th November 2017 5.30pm—6.30pm

Out of catchment information session       5.30 pm -6.30 pm

¨ More students are achieving higher grades. As a result, a higher proportion went on to     university and into apprenticeships in 2016 than ever before."

¨ ‘Leadership and management of the sixth form are effective because leaders have a clear vision for the sixth form’.

¨ ‘Students show good attitudes to learning and speak positively about the support and guidance they receive.’

¨ ‘There is a culture of high aspiration’

¨ ‘Pupils are polite and respectful to each other and staff. Relationships between pupils and adults is  impressive’            

Ofsted 2016