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Year 10 GCSE English Literature

The Dukeries Academy are also celebrating outstanding GCSE results for Y10 students this year.

For the first time ever, students completed their GCSE English Literature examinations a year early. Despite the wide-ranging national changes, and the new, tougher standards, our Y10 students rose to the challenge after an intensive year of study.

20% of students achieved a Grade 8 or higher, (the old A*), 35% of students achieved a Grade 7 (A grade equivalent) or higher, with 100% of students achieving a good pass. The school are also very pleased with the 97% of students who achieved the gold standard of a Grade 5 ‘Strong Pass.’

The students were excited to receive their results, with many relieved to achieve the highest grades after a year of hard work. Students attended revision sessions both after and before school, with many opting for extra opportunities for learning in the holidays.

Emily Freeman, one of the students who achieved the coveted ‘Grade 9’ commented that: ‘The teachers made sure that we would achieve the best grade possible, and they were really passionate about our learning.’

Our Y10s will now go on to complete GCSE English Language, where we expect similar levels of achievement and success for our students.