We are committed to transforming the learning opportunities and aspirations for our students and the community in which they live.

A world class curriculum reflects the locality of the academy, its context, community and learners

Values, aims and principles  …be based upon clear, shared values, aims and principles which put learners at the  heart of the curriculum and recognise their role as citizens of the world
 …provide exciting opportunities for the intellectual, physical, emotional, social,  scientific, aesthetic and creative development of every learner
Key competencies for learning and life  …ensure the development of competencies for learning and life and a sense of hope  and agency in every learner
 …encourage independence of mind and action and the development of individual  interests and talents
 …excite the imagination, encourage curiosity and develop creativity
The world’s major branches of learning  …secure learners’ knowledge, skills and understanding of the world’s major branches  of learning, disciplines and subjects
 …ensure understanding of how learning in different disciplines is interconnected and  relevant to life, global issues and world events past, present and future
 …provide clear and relevant pathways for learning and the flexibility to respond to  developing needs, interests and contexts
Community, local, national and global contexts  …locate learning in the context of the learner’s life and local community, and also  within a national and international dimension
 …address contemporary issues as well as the big ideas that have shaped the world

Within the contexts above the principal aim of the Dukeries Academy curriculum is to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that equips our students for life beyond school.

The curriculum is designed to engage the students and give them a thirst for knowledge. The curriculum will develop independent learners who are great problem solvers.

To provide that balance the curriculum is viewed as a seven year curriculum that just happens to be split into three stages. The academy aims to make the transition between the stages seamless. If subjects are provided at key stage three then the ambition is to have that subject available at all the key stages, so that the curriculum can be personalised for all of our students.

Please see detailed Curriculum information using the menu on the left for each Key Stage. This will give a breakdown of the hours available for each subject and a diagrammatic representation.

Should you require further information then please contact the Assistant Principal responsible for the curriculum James Robinson (e.rosaman@dukeries.attrust.org.uk) on 01623 860545