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The Dukeries Academy is part of the family of Academy Transformation Trust academies.

Our mission is to transform learning, aspirations and opportunities for all our pupils, and the communities in which they live. We believe that every child matters and deserves a first class education. We believe everyone has hidden potential to be uncovered and nurtured. Our extensive family of primary and secondary academies are based in the Midlands, East of England and South East.

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Key Stage 5

We believe that there are a number of features which make the Stella Smedley Post 16 Centre a unique and rewarding place to study. 

Our post 16 centre offers a personalised experience for all of our students whilst maintaining a broad and balanced curriculum offer. We are able to provide a comprehensive number of Level 3 qualifications for students on both academic and vocational pathways. 

There is a selection of over 20 different subject choices for our students, which bears comparison with any post 16 provider in the area.

We recognise the importance placed on active learning and therefore often have small class sizes to afford staff the ability to nurture yet challenge each individual student. We have a strong belief in enrichment activities and in an effective pastoral care system to ensure that we are advancing the moral, social and personal development of all our students. 

Progress and Attainment Groups

E&M resits

A/AS level courses

Vocational courses

Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare




1. Phil and Ethics

2. Chemistry

3. History



6. Geography

7. Music


9. Biology

10. Media

11. Sociology

12. PD

13. Maths

14. Eng Lit

15. Physic

16. Psychology

17. Art

1. H&S Care

2. Sports studies


4. Applied Science

5. Business studies

6.Performing Arts







Enrichment activities



Weekly Lesson allocation 

2 hours

2 hours

5 hours (legacy)

4 hours (linear)

Various 4/5 

1.  1 hour


2 x25 mins


Minutes allocated per week





Core Maths 120



Financial Studies 120




Pupil Numbers

Year 12,70 (Projected)

Year 13,35 (Projected)