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Incredible opportunity for Football Academy lads

For the first time in September 2014 the Dukeries Academy opened its door to a totally new course entitled 'Football Academy' . Introduced by Dave Stevens who had already successfully piloted a similar course in another school in Birmingham and led/taught by Keith Brown.

The course was designed to give students a practical and theoretical qualification in coaching Football. At the end of the two years they would have an FA level 1 and youth module level 1 coaching badge and they would also have a level 3 principles of Coaching qualification and level 3 diploma in sports development.

During the course they have been actively engaged in coaching younger students both in and out of lessons and have run regular football clubs after school. This has meant planning organising and then delivering a series of sessions that will allow the youngsters to progress and improve their football skills.

In March of this year, Ignite sport who are the organization responsible for the qualification were approached by a company called UK International Soccer and asked if they knew of any students who could/would like to coach Football in America this summer and if so, would the students like to apply for a coaching position.

So this opportunity was given to the Dukeries Football Academy students and 5 decided to apply- Jordan Roberts, Kavan Jacques, Dean Rodgers, Teddy Ecott, and Josh Musgrove.

Shortly afterwards Adam Hewitt the recruitment manager at UK International Soccer got in touch and arranged a date when he could meet up with the lads. Prior to the meeting, each of them was asked to plan, organize and coach a skill related football session which would be watched and assessed by Adam and then their coaching  knowledge  and personal qualities were examined through an interview with him. (quite a daunting experience)

However all the students came through with 'flying colours' and last Thursday (19th May) the 5 Students  were offered formal contracts by Adam on behalf of UK international Soccer to go and coach football in the USA. Adam commented that he was very impressed with the coaching expertise of the students, particularly considering they are only 18 and he had no doubt they would do a great job on behalf of his company.

This is an amazing opportunity for the lads and will involve some of them going to Los Angeles and some to San Francisco. They are due to head out to the States on July 6th, where they will have a week together with all the other coaches employed by the company and then it is off to LA or SF and that is when the real work starts.

They are likely to be in the USA for approximately 4 months, and they will live with families out there (so all their accommodation and food is paid for). In addition they will receive about $300 per week (about £180). If they enjoy the experience and want to go back there are certainly opportunities next year to increase the amount of time they can work for.

This is just an incredible opportunity and one we have no doubt the lads will certainly relish and enjoy. Who would have thought that 18 months ago some of our Football Academy students would be coaching football in the USA this summer- certainly not me!